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    Potato users are you feeling left out?
    Submitted by robster on Sunday, April 01, 2001 – 11:30
    No need to be, here is a quick trick how to get, at least some, of the software
    that is new or upgraded in woody.
    You start by adding a new source to your apt (/etc/apt/sources.list)..

    deb-src ftp://ftp.fi.debian.org/debian woody main contrib non-free

    You should of course use your own closest mirror. then we update the sources,
    with apt-get update. next step would be to download the source package.

    ressu@stradivarius:/usr/src/tmp $ apt-get source nmap
    Reading Package Lists...
    Building Dependency Tree...
    Need to get 589kB of source archives.
    Get:1 ftp://ftp.fi.debian.org woody/main nmap 2.53-5 (dsc) [624B]
    Get:2 ftp://ftp.fi.debian.org woody/main nmap 2.53-5 (tar) [584kB]
    Get:3 ftp://ftp.fi.debian.org woody/main nmap 2.53-5 (diff) [3667B]
    Fetched 589kB in 1m21s (7233B/s)
    dpkg-source: extracting nmap in nmap-2.53

    We change to the directory and build the package…

    ressu@stradivarius:/usr/src/tmp $ cd nmap-2.53/
    ressu@stradivarius:/usr/src/tmp/nmap-2.53 $ debuild (or sudo dpkg-buildpackage)

    That should build the package, or as in my case.. fail..

    If you are lucky enough to get it compiled (please, do try a few times.. try to resolve some of the problems that come up) you will end up with nice clean deb for your Potato installation. Usually the package will compile cleanly.

    You should watch out for things that are depending on packages in woody, you will need to compile some of those packages too.. and if you dig up too far, you will end up compiling so much, that you would have been better of to just upgrade.

    Packages for the programs are…
    debuild: devscripts
    dpkg-buildpackage: dpkg-dev
    apt-get: apt
    sudo: sudo

    Update: As pointed out by yann

    Not changing the version number may cause official packages not to be installed
    if the version you recompiled end up being the one shipped in next stable release.
    Usually I add a new entry with lesser debian revision and local ID in debien/changelog
    to avoid this (eg: 1.2.3-4yann1 if the version I got was 1.2.3-5 ). Also listing in the
    changelog entry what you needed to change to make it work will help you upgrading
    to subsequent releases.


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