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    Progress Towards Sarge
    Submitted by robot101 on Thursday, September 09, 2004 – 12:47
    SargeThe past month (where I must admit, Debian Planet posting has been a little lacking…) has seen much activity throughout Debian to move us closer to our planned September release of the next version of Debian’s “stable” distribution. A good measure of what’s going on is messages to debian-devel-announce explaining bug-squashing efforts, progress on debian-installer, and updates from the release team:

    • 2nd August: Steve Langasek from the release team outlines the planned schedule, and links to outstanding issues for sarge.
    • 7th August: Colin Watson from the release team announces that packages from base + standard (ie those part of the default minimum install) are frozen in testing, and will need to be updated manually when required.
    • 7th August: Joey Hess from the debian-installer team announces the 1st release candidate of the new debian-installer system, including better architecture (including s390 and amd64) & kernel 2.6 support and updated documentation & translations.
    • 11th August: Frank Lichtenheld announces Bug-Squashing week to try and focus on lowering the Release-Critical (RC) bug count in preparation for release. Cautious 3-day delayed Non-Maintainer Uploads (NMUs) are encouraged to give maintainers a chance to intervene in changes they disagree with.
    • 15th August: Jeroen van Wolffelaar unveils a site to help maintainers help the release team sift through all the uploads to unstable, and let them know what updates (not necessarily just RC bug fixes) in their packages they deem important to see in sarge before the freeze.
    • 28th August: Steve Langasek brings us up to speed with the current release status, explaining some new libraries which have transitioned to testing already, continuing toolchain problems on some architectures which are delaying the freeze (although encouraging people not to try and slip in last minute updates!), and availability of new versions of KDE (3.3, not going in to sarge) and the kernel packages (2.4.27 and, should go in if they work!).

    That brings us up to date – as you can see we’ve hit upon one or two stumbling blocks with complex library transitions and broken toolchains, but the installer looks great and the freeze should follow shortly.

    Category: News

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    Subject: Date? No Date?
    Author: fmorelli
    Date: Saturday, 2004/10/02 – 06:56
    What I fail to understand is whether a delivery date matters to the user base or not. I suppose they do think it matters, or the Debian team would not have put a date out to the public.

    But then … when the date comes and goes … nothing is said, best as I can tell. The message is that the date didn’t really matter? I appreciate the hard work; just not sure I understand the rhyme or reason for not silence after setting expectations. It’s kind of like an Apple release … look at all the rumoring going on! 🙂



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    Subject: something was said, just not on this site
    Author: JoeBuck
    Date: Thursday, 2004/10/07 – 18:32
    Steve Langasek issued a status update here.
    The major holdup is that, to quote Steve, “we still do not have an ETA for the testing-security autobuilders to be functional”. Calling that date N, he then suggested that things will be ready to go on N+30 days.

    If we’re lucky, we might see sarge by the end of the year.

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