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    Quickstart guide to kernel-package
    Submitted by robster on Monday, April 02, 2001 – 21:26
    One of the most notable things that makes Debian stand out from the other distributions is the kernel-package tool. Which will create a nice easy to install kernel image as a Debian package which you can then install on your box or multiple other boxes, clever huh?
    You can install kernel-package by apt-get install kernel-package, if you do not already have it.

    Although the main use is for multiple boxes i use it when compiling kernels for just my own machine as I consider it safer and easier.

    First clean the source tree with make clean then create your kernel configuration as usual with make config, make menuconfig or make xconfig.

    You are now ready to create your kernel package, in the root of your source tree execute the command make-kpkg kernel_image.

    The compilation process will then be executed automagically for you, so go away and have a cup of coffee or a beer.

    Providing the compilation was successful (you should be worried if it is not), a .deb package of your custom kernel will be in the /usr/src/ directory. Install this with dpkg -i kernel-package-filename.

    Follow the instructions and away you go, (make sure you edit lilo.conf manually though & rerun lilo).

    Kernel-package has many more broader uses than are covered in this howto, the purpose of this document is to give you a quickstart guide to make-kpkg and to increase its awareness.

    If you are more interested please read the README file in /usr/doc/kernel-package.

    Update: you should put the package on hold after installing it, so that the package from the repository wont overwrite it.. or you should use flavours — ressu


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    Subject: Re: Quickstart guide to kernel-package
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Wednesday, 2001/07/18 – 08:51
    An other method to stop apt from overwriting your custom kernel package is to invoke make-kpkg with the revision-option:
    make-kpkg kernel_image –revision=custom.1
    Note that the revision number can be numeric in front of the point, it needs to have a numeric behind.
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