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    Release Update: Sarge in September?
    Submitted by robster on Monday, August 02, 2004 – 10:04
    DebianFollowing the announcement of a hard freeze on base+standard from today (was Saturday) there has been some good and bad news. Unfortunately the release manager for woody, Anthony Towns, one of the pioneers of the testing system has unfortunately stepped down from his position as the release manager for Debian. This is not really unexpected to be expected given the high levels of hostility from a small vocal minority towards volunteers who have dedicated large amounts of personal time for Debian. I hope you will join me in thanking Anthony for his hard work and we look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

    On a brighter note: in his place Colin Watson and Steve Langsek will be responsible for much of the release process. Today they have announced some key milestones for the release process. In summary these are:

    • 2 August 2004 – Hard freeze of base+standard
    • 3 August 2004 – Debian Installer RC1
    • 8 August 2004 – Security support for Sarge begins
    • 13 August 2004 – Last call for low urgency uploads to unstable
    • 24 August – Freeze
    • … Bug squashing like crazy …
    • 15 September – Release

    A lot of this speed increase can be a attributed to the fact that many senior developers are now employed by Canonical Software, whose upcoming conference your editors are hoping to attend.

    Category: News

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    Subject: I know this is an old topic….
    Author: Puggs
    Date: Sunday, 2005/01/23 – 10:38
    September is now ~4 months ago…

    Any news on when sarge may be released?

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    Subject: DVD image?
    Author: katakombi
    Date: Thursday, 2004/08/26 – 17:49
    Hi all,

    will there be a DVD image released?
    Would be so much nicer than D/L’ing lots of CD isos…

    kata >8^)

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    Subject: There are already DVD snapshots for testing…
    Author: robot101
    Date: Thursday, 2004/09/09 – 11:47
    You just need to jigdo them from here.

    Robster is a monkey
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    Subject: iso
    Author: niall
    Date: Friday, 2004/08/27 – 12:18
    ISOs are so 1999. Netinstall 🙂
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    Subject: dream on
    Author: Chris Capoccia
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/08/25 – 13:15
    There are quite a lot of bugs that are remaining. I think a September release is a pipe dream. At this point we are looking at 21 more days. That seems incredibly unrealistic.

    I put in two bug reports myself in July (261310 and 262203); I have not even recieved one response from the developer.

    I am in no position to say whether this is a representative response time, but if all the bug reports recieve this reception, the sarge release will be very long in coming.

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    Subject: Root (and /boot ?) on RAID support for installer?
    Author: hal9k
    Date: Thursday, 2004/08/12 – 16:28
    Does anyone know if this is planned?
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    Subject: RAID on /boot
    Author: wenck
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/09/08 – 04:37
    I recently used rc1 of the debian installer netinst. You can make /boot and /root RAID (I did RAID 1) by continuing the installation until GRUB fails. At that point, switch to a console, edit /boot/grub/devices.map and make (in my case) (hd0) /dev/md0. Then, go back and try to install GRUG again — to (hd0) –. It went through fine.
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    Subject: work around
    Author: inan
    Date: Monday, 2004/08/30 – 17:41
    From my experience you can actually install current sarge images onto boot/root raid, all you have to do is set up the boot loader manually. The partitioner will let you create raid volumes and assign them to / and /boot, it just warns you that your system may not boot at the end. The installer defaults to GRUB (which I don’t now how to install for raid), and the LILO druid doesn’t know about raid, so skip over these steps and allow it to install base packages. Once they’re done DON’T REBOOT, and drop to shell on tty2

    You’ll need to install raidtools2, maybe initrdtools, update /etc/modules for raid and make yourself a boot image that supports raid. I like to remount the image before rebooting just to make sure raid is in there. Then edit /etc/lilo.conf for raid (lots of how-to’s around, just find a newer one that talks about raid-extra-boot). run lilo and you’re done… I think. Keep a copy of Knoppix around to save the day if the computer doesn’t boot so you can muddle through mounting your disks and chrooting to them to fix whatever went wrong.

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    Subject: debian sarge
    Author: lukves
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/08/17 – 07:06
    I am happy, becouse waiting 2 years for sarge is very long time, and now its sarge here up to 1 month … Great … I download a debian installer and it is alrge step to future. I make a new debian portal www.debianslovakei.szm.sk for slovak and czech speaking peopels. lukas.
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    Subject: backports
    Author: dale
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/08/24 – 12:58
    The new faster release cycle should make the backporter’s lives
    easier too. Their work has made running a Debian server in a
    company system far easier.


    Thanks of course goes to all Debian developers!

    — Dale;

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    Subject: OT: gtk2-linked web browsers hanging on KB input in testing?
    Author: StandardDeviant
    Date: Monday, 2004/08/09 – 05:08
    Strange bug cropped up recently in -testing for me on my laptop,
    where any gtk2-linked web browser hangs on keyboard input. I’ve
    repeated it with mozilla, firefox, and galeon. The strange part
    is that other gtk2 apps linked against much the same libs (ldd
    outputs compared) like gaim work fine. Moz and firefox die on
    the first keydown event, and galeon takes 20-30 keystrokes to croak.

    The mozilla from mozilla.org, linked against gtk1.2, works fine
    (if a bit ugly due to lacking the gtk2/xft/etc linkages).

    I mention this both out of interest to see if anyone else has
    seen this and to give a possible heads up for issues in the
    upcoming -stable if these packages are in use then. Another
    strange aspect is that my desktop, using the same packages, synced
    at the same time, from the same mirror, is fine. Much googling,
    bugtracker querying, and gdb/ldd/strace/etc’ing has been tried, to no avail.

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    Subject: Possible DNS issues
    Author: fulcrum99
    Date: Friday, 2004/08/13 – 15:36
    Hey there StdDev,

    I had a similar problem with Mozilla and Galeon last night after updating my system (sarge/testing also). I had also installed a couple of other programs: resolvconf and pdnsd. I noticed that NS lookups were very slow… even using the links browser, it took longer than normal to load a page, or at least to accomplish the initial name lookup. I recall Netscape issues in the past when there were DNS issues, so I tried removing resolvconf and pdnsd… voila! It works now. Maybe it was something else I did, but that seems to have worked. Hope it’s perhaps helpful.


    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: slow dns with firefox and ping
    Author: phillhw
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/09/14 – 22:08
    Hello I have been experiencing exactly the same. The dns resolve takes
    ages but it does not occur when I use lynx. I am a bit of a debian newbie so I cannot offer any help but would welcome any pointers from anyone who may have solved this.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Possible DNS issues
    Author: ags
    Date: Thursday, 2004/08/26 – 02:51
    This might be a bit cross-cultural, but there’s an interesting comment and solution the at the The Unofficial Fedora FAQ which sounds very much like this issue.

    Happy to file a bug report – just not sure what to file it under!

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Problem with resolvconf or pdnsd? Please file a bug report
    Author: jdthood
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/08/24 – 12:26
    We can’t fix bugs if we don’t know about them.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: OT: gtk2-linked web browsers hanging on KB input in testing
    Author: gid
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/08/10 – 16:22
    I had a similar problem many moons ago, but the problem disappeared when I switched window managers. I had the problem with fluxbox (which got fixed) and another window manager even longer ago, maybe wmaker, but I could be wrong?

    Anyway, I use gnome/metacity now and haven’t had this problem ever since I started using it, but this was probably before gtk2 browsers even came out.

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Debian Installer RC1
    Author: opk
    Date: Thursday, 2004/08/05 – 11:37
    Where do I get the installer from? I have tried to search for it but I can only find a beta (not the mentioned release candidate). It also seems that I can only find a 100MB ISO net installer. I’ve only got a dialup link. Does that 100MB ISO install enough to have a shell and apt working? If so, I can always take the status file and use apt-get in download only mode from work.

    My hard drive just died and instead of restoring the backup, I thought it’d be useful to test out the new installer.

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Where do I get the install
    Author: spock
    Date: Thursday, 2004/08/05 – 21:00
    Where do I get the installer from? I have tried to search for it but I can only find a beta (not the mentioned release candidate). It also seems that I can only find a 100MB ISO net installer.

    That is all you need. Try these pages:

    Usability Review of Debian Installer

    I’ve only got a dialup link.

    Same here.

    Does that 100MB ISO install enough to have a shell and apt working?


    If so, I can always take the status file and use apt-get in download only mode from work.

    My hard drive just died and instead of restoring the backup, I thought it’d be useful to test out the new installer.

    So did mine! Your post was so uncannily similar to my own situation that I felt compelled to register here at Debian Planet to reply 🙂

    I just finished installing last night and am now typing in a shiny new(ish) mozilla-firefox. Even with dial-up it’s OK; once I’d got the base system installed (I’d downloaded the ISO at a friend’s place with Broadband), I just selectively used apt-get to install various components one at a time: first mutt, fetchmail, lynx, less, ftp, xterm and then the x-window-system and icewm, mozilla-firefox, gimp1.2, abiword.

    Go for it! The install process is a breeze and my hat goes off to the developers 🙂

    See also:

    LinuxMafia Debian KnowledgeBase

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that next week, Sarge will start to get Security Updates, which was the only reason I was reluctant to change from Woody. It’s time…

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    Subject: mini-Christmas in mid-septemb
    Author: smurfd
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/08/04 – 12:49
    mini-Christmas in mid-september?! Couldnt GET any better.
    as a devoted user, this sounds like sweet tunes in my ears.

    a GREAT “thank you” to everyone who made it happen!!

    (from me.)
    / smurfd

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Can’t believe that!
    Author: guilherme_eco_unb
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/08/04 – 06:19
    Sarge in September! This is totally awesome news!!! Many many thanks to the whole community!
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: well, we’ll see
    Author: JoeBuck
    Date: Friday, 2004/08/06 – 20:19
    There’s still a lot of work to do, and problems will arise, so no one should bet the farm on a Sept. 15 release. I won’t be at all disappointed if it’s a month or two late.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: just in time for…
    Author: kromagg
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/08/24 – 17:01
    Like just in time for christmas? That would be a worthwhile christmas present indead. 🙂
    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Steve & Colin …
    Author: bausi
    Date: Monday, 2004/08/02 – 21:14
    … are doing a great job. There do their work responsibly and do communicate very well with other developers. (This is at least the impression I get when following the mailing lists)

    And thanks a lot to ajt, of course!
    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Quick Freeze a sign of things to come?
    Author: calc
    Date: Monday, 2004/08/02 – 21:11
    From base freeze to release in 6 weeks is great! Hopefully this will work out well and Debian will be able to release more often in the future. A new release every 6-9mo would be very nice. The freeze alone for woody took somewhere around 6 months to pull off, it was a bit slushy of course.
    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: slanted view
    Author: calc
    Date: Monday, 2004/08/02 – 21:05
    That vocal minority also has done much for Debian in the past. Of course a sensationalist slanted view of the facts sounds better…
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: oh, please
    Author: JoeBuck
    Date: Friday, 2004/08/06 – 20:25
    It’s neither “sensationalist” nor “slanted” to note that Debian lost the only release manager it ever had because of the extreme hostility level. It’s just a fact.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Just fact?
    Author: grohk
    Date: Sunday, 2004/08/08 – 20:38
    I think that if we want to avoid accusations of being slanted and sensationalist in blaming a small but vocal minority, then maybe there should be some context to support that claim.

    But, that being said, I would like to thank Anthony for all his hard work that helped make Debian the best operating system out there. I wish him well.

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: context?
    Author: kromagg
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/08/11 – 11:18
    So what is the context? In any case though, hostility would have to be really bad before it actually makes someone decide to give up on the thing altogether. At least that’s how I feel, seeing as people in the developing community often have big ego’s, bigger mouths and a dedication to their particular opinions about technology that would rival that of most organised religions. So I think it’s not just criticism we’re talking about here?
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