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    Simple Debian Firewall for Beginners
    Submitted by doom on Monday, October 25, 2004 – 20:46
    DebianI have written up my experience of creating a two-interface firewall using Shorewall on Debian. This article largely gives an overview of the process, with pointers to more detailed documentation, however any novice should find this a very useful introduction.
    Category: Tips

    Control panel

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    Subject: clean install
    Author: slashcores
    Date: Thursday, 2004/11/11 – 15:58
    Great article, but I have some additions…

    If you’re short on diskspace, you should probably skip the package selection utilities in the installer. You can just configure the network and open a console to apt-get install sshd. After rebooting you can edit the sources.list and apt-get update/dist-upgrade. This should set you up with approximately 300-350MB of used disk space. Now you’ll find that there are a lot of packages that still need to be installed, but you can get them as you need them.
    This way, you’ll save a lot of disk space and bandwith.

    Also: whatever daemons need restarting, they will be restarted for you during the dist-upgrade (since there aren’t a lot of them installed, and there certainly aren’t any that apt is unaware of, since this is a clean install.)

    On the flavor choice: for a firewall, you will probably be better of with woody + security updates or sid. Sarge still has a lot of security issues –as pointed out by Joey Hess in http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2004/08/msg00144.html

    Just my 2 cents…

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    Subject: Knoppix
    Author: Dacmot
    Date: Monday, 2004/11/01 – 16:23
    You say you didn’t use KNOPPIX because KDE is too demanding for your old box. Did you know you can boot KNOPPIX with a) a lighter WM like IceWM, b) into commandline (liloprompt: knoppix 2). Press F2 at the boot prompt I think it is to check the other options. It says which button to press for help.

    My Girlfriend: I love you!
    Me: I love Linux!

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    Subject: post it on debian wiki ^^
    Author: error3
    Date: Sunday, 2004/10/31 – 23:05
    Can’t you set your article on wiki.debian.net ?


    “Debian addict, active member of Amaya (Amayita)’s fan club (and fan
    of her tatoo)”

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: gshield
    Author: kromagg
    Date: Thursday, 2004/10/28 – 23:26
    We used to have a gshield setup. It contained a couple of 100 rules that nobody had any idea what they were doing there. So we wrote our own damn script. In the end I believe that’s the way to go for maintainability. But shorewall is pretty good for most setups.
    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: 2.4 works with Woody
    Author: josh
    Date: Thursday, 2004/10/28 – 00:12
    From the article:
    Shorewall requires a 2.4 kernel (compiled with the “netfilter” options), which rules out Debian stable (aka woody).
    Really? It does? 🙂

    2.4 works just fine with Woody.

    Other than that, great article. Shorewall is quite excellent.

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    Subject: 2.4 default kernel needs /etc/modules set right
    Author: osamu
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/11/10 – 23:25
    Since some ipt_* etc modules needs to be preloaded, you need to load modules while booting.

    2.4 default kernel needs /etc/modules to set these right automatically. If this doc says otherwise, he is missing something.

    BTW, for simpal firewall, I like ipmasq. Simple and configurable as one wishes.

    See more on “Debian Reference” This is not hand holding document. This should give you hints and leads to get full understandings 🙂

    Yes, I am upstream of Debian Reference and maintainer of ipmasq.

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