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    Ubuntu Linux Preview Released
    Submitted by robster on Thursday, September 16, 2004 – 11:42
    UbuntuThe Ubuntu project, sponsored by Canonical Ltd,has announced the preview release of its Debian based distribution. The preview of “Warty Warthog” (4.10), includes GNOME 2.8 with Evolution 2.0 and an enhanced XFree86 4.3 release. OSNews has an interview with Jeff Waugh, a member of the Ubuntu team (who is also involved with GNOME and Debian). This release is available for PPC, AMD64 and i386. Now go download it and play.
    Category: News

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    Subject: Ubuntu Linux 4.10 – Final
    Author: gmicsko@www.debianplanet.org
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/10/20 – 19:04

    You can read the announcement here!

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    Subject: Ubuntu 4.10 RC install walktrough
    Author: gmicsko@www.debianplanet.org
    Date: Saturday, 2004/10/16 – 08:51
    Ubuntu 4.10 RC install walktrough w/ 27 pics here.
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    Subject: Why will Ubuntu succeed where Storm Linux, Xandros, have failed?
    Author: annexia@jabber.org
    Date: Saturday, 2004/10/16 – 02:12
    I have yet to try Ubuntu, I will soon when my free CD’s arrive in the mail 🙂 Ubuntu will get a fair testing then.

    What does Ubuntu offer that Debian does not? What is Ubuntu’s “unique
    selling proposition”? It seems it will essentially have a quicker release cycle. Plus from other posters here it seems you get more automagical hardware detection and configuration. Is this “automagic” actually going upstream to Debian like the Unbuntu people claim they will? If so, then this distinctive feature will become less distinctive since ideally Debian will benefit from it too.

    I agree more desktop spit-polish is a very, very, very important thing in winning over a user base of the convenience-addicted masses. Yay Ubuntu!

    These things above seem to be the main things Ubuntu offer that Debian does not. Ubuntu’s commercial support is not that unique, as there is commercial support of Debian also. Heck, I offer it!

    I don’t feel that Ubuntu is all that revolutionary an idea, because you can approximate the value of Ubuntu by installing the latest stable release of Debian (which as of sarge will become painfully easy), then adding unofficial apt sources for all the (backported to stable) latest software you wish you could get (without moving to testing or unstable) from www.apt-get.org. This “unofficial” mechanism adds “newness” to the “stableness”. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now and it works well.

    In other words, the main problem I see Ubuntu fixing is one of ignorance of the above method. Ubuntu gives warm fuzzies (ie. a quicker release cycle) to people who have yet to appreciate the profound significance of the install-once-no-matter-how-old-then-easily-upgrade-forever goodness of Debian. Debian’s superior in-place upgradability renders the importance of frequent releases less meaningful.

    I just hope that Ubuntu doesn’t fragment and detract from the Debian
    community too much. Ubuntu heavily relies on Debian, so why wouldn’t it just become a sub-project of Debian? I suppose it would get less publicity that way.

    I am glad to hear that Ubuntu people will send their bugfixes “upstream” to Debian so Debian can benefit from their work, just as Ubuntu benefits from Debian. This sharing between the projects makes Ubuntu seem special when I compare it to the flash-in-the-pan Debian derivative distros like Xandros, Storm Linux, etc.

    I do like Ubuntu’s decision to only support “the hardware that matters”, namely PC’s and Macs. But when the time comes, I’m going to be loving Debian’s support of my two-years-from-now PDA and my 4-years-from-now ultra-cheap, non-DRM V-dragon computer.

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    Subject: This is IT!
    Author: carney1979
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/10/05 – 19:02
    Tried Debian Woody. Way to consertive!

    Tried Ubuntu – this is more like it!

    Everything (except my NVidia card) configured automatically, even my joystick!

    NVidia card was a simple fix with the NVidia drivers.

    This one is staying on my hard drive for a while.


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    Subject: i installed it and it looked
    Author: applejax
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/09/21 – 04:35
    i installed it and it looked ok. since i really like kde more than gnome, i removed ubuntu the same day. i went back to my default distro which is libranet 2.8.1 and when libranet goes gold on 3.0 i will be registering libranet.

    i will get around to downloading the ubuntu ppc version.

    my favorite had been mandrake, but what turned me off mandrake the most is that considering they really want you to join thier club. purchasing mandrake then club membership places the tco of mandrake higher than windows xphome. not to steal all of mandrakes thunder, mandrake tries to accomodate all possibilites.

    having ran freebsd 4x, i find i like libranet as a debian distribution because it makes it reasonable to run linux and remember freebsd as an alternative os.

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    Subject: I have also installed. Brilliant!
    Author: FelixDzerzhinsky
    Date: Sunday, 2004/09/19 – 11:31
    I have also installed. Debian that works.

    Did not like the fact that you don’t set up a root user during install. Fixed with “sudo passwd root”.

    I also would like to see tripwire and bastille in the “main” component.

    Ubuntu is now my default distro.

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    Subject: From Debian Sarge to Ubuntu Linux
    Author: crabbox
    Date: Friday, 2004/09/17 – 09:09
    I just made transition from Sarge to ubuntu Linux and at the moment it looks very good, Installation was painless and Gnome 2.8 is working better than 2.6. Even my ati radeon 9500 pro card installed ok with ati drivers. One thing that I never got working with Debian Sarge was Enemy territory (I play it during my little spare time from work) and now with Ubuntu Linux it just works (previously had problem with kernel alsa drivers and oss emulation support). I recommend this distro.


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    Subject: ET works fine with Debian “Sid”…
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Tuesday, 2005/01/25 – 22:46
    …and ATI’s closed source drivers. I have Radeon 9000 and Soundblaster Live using ALSA in Kernel 2.6.3
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