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    Upcoming Interview: Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson of the X Strike Force
    Submitted by Netsnipe on Monday, November 13, 2000 – 11:39
    It’s just been a week now since The X Strike Force released XFree86 4.0.1-1 packages into the unstable tree. Now that the dust has settled and that he’s regained some semblance of his sanity, G. Branden Robinson, aka ‘Overfiend’ on IRC, the intrepid leader of the force behind X in Debian GNU/Linux has now volunteered his time to answer your brain numbing questions on XF4 in an upcoming interview on DebianPlanet.
    So post your questions below and we’ll ask them for you in our upcoming interview with one of Debian’s most closely watched developers.
    Please Note: Before you post any questions that you’ll like answered below, please note that Branden does not wish to answer anything that one can answer themselves by reading the documentation, or address bug reports.

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    Subject: Re: Upcoming Interview: Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson of the
    Author: walters
    Date: Thursday, 2000/11/16 – 00:51
    My question is:

    How do you manage to get work done on packaging X while sending such creative messages to debian-devel?

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    Subject: Re: Upcoming Interview: Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson of the
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Wednesday, 2000/11/15 – 20:16
    * Do you feel that the X design is outdated? There are projects like Berlin that say they can do a much better job, and it seems that they could produce something really great. Should we try to patch up the old, proven X protocol? Or should we be scrapping it and learning from our mistakes?

    * What changes would you most want to see in a new windowing system?

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    Subject: Re: Upcoming Interview
    Author: Overfiend
    Date: Wednesday, 2000/11/15 – 05:23
    Well, if there was any risk of my ego being inflated by this article, the decidedly lukewarm response has effectively overcome it. 🙂

    One thing I’d like to address; the reason I put the stipulation on the interview was that it doesn’t, in my opinion, make a lot of sense to have an interview with me if I’m going to be answering questions that lots of people could answer. As I understand it, interviews are done with folks to gather information from them that only they may possess, or to gain personal insights that others might find interesting. So by narrowing the scope I wasn’t trying to be any more of an ass than usual, just trying to head off stuff that I seem to be doing day in, day out anyway.

    That said, if no one seems to have feel I have anything particularly interesting to offer, well, I’m willing to accept that verdict. 🙂

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    Subject: Re: Upcoming Interview: Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson of the
    Author: HSpirit
    Date: Tuesday, 2000/11/14 – 06:03
    I just spent the last couple of hours working on a font problem in an old monolithic app under XFree86 4.0.1 while speaking with Branden on IRC. First, just let me say that I think the problem is not with Branden’s packaging but rather with the XFree86 code. The move to 4.0.1 has been seamless for me. I’ve experienced absolutely no operational problems, and OpenGL is finally accelerated without the need for a commercial product! Great Job!!!

    My question is:

      I’ve been using Debian for about 5 years and linux for 7 years under the guise of programmer and admin. I’ve always thought about getting involved, but I feared that my limited free time would make my participation unsatisfactory. Now as a PhD student, I find I have even less time but feel even more apt (pun intended) to offer good ideas and services to Debian or other GNU projects. What are your views on participation in the Debian project given limited time?
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    Subject: Re: Upcoming Interview: Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson of the
    Author: Zibby
    Date: Monday, 2000/11/13 – 21:01
    First off, let me say you have done an outstanding job! My upgrade from XFree3.3.6 to XFree4.0.1 was painless! (Well, as painless as one can expect from woody) The only problem was that Netscape took a hike because of dependinces, but I had an older version of the packages installed. After getting 4.0.1 going, getting 3D acceleration with nvidia drivers was equaly painless. (No comments about nvidia please!)
    On to the questions:

  • What were the biggest obstacles (wierd dependencies, broken packages, unruly users who want the latest and greatest right now damnit?)
  • Was the task easier than you expected? Harder? About what you expected?
  • What can the debian community do to help in the future?
  • And don’t you think it’s time you got off the net and spent some quality time with your significant other?
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    Subject: Re: Upcoming Interview: Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson of the
    Author: morpheus
    Date: Monday, 2000/11/13 – 18:54
    I am a newbie to Debian (but not to Linux), and would like to know how to set up XFree 4.0.1 for accelerated 3D rendering with a Matrox MGA G400 : should I compile a brand new kernel, should I download and compile my own DRI sources ?… or is there any automated (or simple) process to do it?
    Thanks !…
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    Subject: Re: Upcoming Interview: Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson of the
    Author: Zibby
    Date: Monday, 2000/11/13 – 21:05

    You should be able to find all you need to know in the package documentation and/or at the Utah GLX site.

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    Subject: Xfree 4.01 for mga
    Author: jimbeam
    Date: Monday, 2000/11/13 – 22:02
    Offtopic, not a question for Branden, etc..

    Zibby: That’s not actually the best action (as I understand it). The separate utah-glx et al that you can download are for xfree3.3.x — 4.0 comes with builtin DRI etc.

    I am running a hardware accelerated g400 just using 4.0.1 with linux 2.4test10.

    I installed linux2.4 with the modules agpgart and mga;
    Then I grabbed all the X stuff with apt (including xlibmesa3, and maybe xlibosmesa3 is a good idea too – not sure).

    The tutorial I was following for the DRI setup was
    It’s very well written and straightforward, and should get you there.

    Hope this helps, and sorry for offtopicness.


    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Re: Upcoming Interview: Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson of the
    Author: ressu
    Date: Monday, 2000/11/13 – 18:22
    As nobody wants to start with the questions.

    * what was the most difficult task in the whole process
    * Did you ever want to just give up?

    * how did your girlfriend feel about you working on something like this (we all know you couldn’t leave it for the night 😉

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