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    User review of Progeny
    Submitted by robster on Monday, April 02, 2001 – 21:38
    I burned the ISO of Progeny Beta 2 on friday, and installed it later friday evening. So i decided to review it
    Mostly I was impressed by the ease of installation- my video card(TNT2) and sound card(SBLive value) were autodetected, as was my pci network card(NE2000). The X configuration was very smooth and I immediately had a nice-looking display.

    My 2nd network card(which I use for my LAN) is a pnp isa card(NE2000) – it did not get automatically detected. I used isapnp to get it initialized and tried to config it with Progeny’s ethernet config tool, but the tool only supports one ethernet interface… shoot. Of course I’m knowledgable enough to set up custom scripts to do it, but I was a little disappointed by this.

    I wanted to compile a 2.4.0 kernel and NVdriver for my video card so I could get 3D going – unfortunately there was no make-kpkg on Progeny so I had to transfer the script over from my laptop. Yes yes… I’m spoiled! It’s hard to go back to ‘make install’ after you’ve run make-kpkg

    After compiling and installing the 2.4.0 kernel, I figured out how to boot it from GRUB, the functionality of which I was absolutely floored by – GRUB is the future. The info and man documentation is really lacking though – I still am unsure how to boot my ‘doze partition through it. Hey progeny! How ’bout a nice GRUB configuration interface? Please?

    After all the configuration was finished, I was left with a very nice-looking system that could play all the loki games I’m so fond of (btw, an opengl renderer was just patched into Myth2 woo-hoo!)

    I noticed that the sources list for apt did not include the woody archive – and indeed I wonder what problems would be caused by updating it.

    All in all, I consider Beta 2 of Progeny to be promising, and I expect more to come. This having been said, I can’t stress enough the importance of Progeny being compatible with debian so that I can update from debian archives without anything messing up – my greatest hope is that progeny’s nice install method will someday become part of standard debian(as an option… the ncurses-based install should always be offered)

    my 2 cents..

    C. Thomas

    Additional comments provided to this.




    ought to work. This is documented in the GRUB manual where you’d expect, under “Chain-loading”, accessible directly or from “Booting” at the top level, followed by “General boot methods” .


    The above was cought on user comments @ Progeny Releases Beta 2 on 24th of January 2001

    Below are additional comments from C. Thomas, received later on via E-mail

    The debian menu system does not seem to be functional in Progeny beta2.
    It’s a shame, since I’ve come to rely greatly on the debian menus to
    provide a uniform hierarchy of program menus no matter which window
    manager I use. I found that without debian menus, the default
    windowmaker root menu is mostly useless, since it does not reflect what
    is actually installed on the system. This needs to be fixed.

    — ressu

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    Subject: Re: User review of Progeny
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Friday, 2001/05/11 – 16:12
    It really looks like a beta (or alpha) software.
    The modifications from Potato are so basic and most other of packages I have to download from Progeny site. I haven’t found in a menu a configurator for PPP, which is IMHO one of the most wanted utilities for any home user.
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