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    Using a Diskless Sun Box with Debian
    Submitted by andrew_barnes7 on Thursday, July 18, 2002 – 19:42
    SparcThanks to the hard work of a friend, I have been enjoying the use of a few diskless Sparc X-terminals running on my local network. After prodding him into writing up an article for the benefit of other Debian users, I thought it was only fair to submit it to Debian Planet.
    Category: HOWTOs

    Control panel

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    Subject: Mono sparcstations?
    Author: oPless
    Date: Thursday, 2002/07/18 – 23:05
    who/what/where/how much …

    I’m a sucker for giving old kit a good home.

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    Subject: ATTN Will Collins
    Author: tomun
    Date: Sunday, 2002/07/21 – 13:45

    Fill in /etc/email-addresses and mail me again 🙂

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    Subject: FREE STUFF
    Author: tomun
    Date: Friday, 2002/07/19 – 02:42
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