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    What platforms do you run on?
    Submitted by DanielS on Sunday, January 19, 2003 – 08:39

    i386 only, what else is there?
    61% (1424 votes)
    Some i386, some others
    32% (747 votes)
    PowerPC only
    4% (101 votes)
    Some other architecture
    2% (48 votes)
    All the way with m68k!
    1% (23 votes)

    Total votes: 2343

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    Subject: I’ve got Debian on an Alpha
    Author: Noth
    Date: Monday, 2003/02/17 – 20:41
    I’ve got Debian on an Alpha PWS600au, a Dual 300Mhz Ultra2 and a single 167Mhz Ultra1 in addition to my Dual Athlon workstation.

    Gotta love eBay =)

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    Subject: a small diversity
    Author: eryanv
    Date: Thursday, 2003/02/06 – 05:01
    I have Debian on my PIII, dual boot (Win98/RH) on a P1 ~75Mhz, NetBSD on a Sparc IPX and Midori Linux on a Gateway Connected Touchpad (Transmeta), and a Mac Quadra 800 (m68k).

    The laptop will eventually become completely debian, and the sparc doesn’t have the drive capacity to run debian. 🙁

    Also considering getting a newer ppc as my next machine.

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    Subject: Too poor … suuure!
    Author: algernon
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/27 – 09:22
    Whats up with all the “I’m too poor to buy anything else than i386” people? One can buy an mac86k, like, for $20! Not really useful, but still, it has some nostalgic value, running Debian on them.

    (I for one, love this one I got yesterday)

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: What about “Only i386…
    Author: SirEdward
    Date: Sunday, 2003/01/26 – 19:36
    … because I’m too poor to get anything else”? C’mon people, not everyone in IT’s raking in the big bucks anymore!
    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: ia32, ia64, sgimips, sparc, alpha
    Author: kadmos
    Date: Friday, 2003/01/24 – 00:59
    Most of my personal Debian boxes are IA-32 (Intel Pentium I/II/III and AMD Athlon).

    Work has some IA-32, IA-64, SGI MIPS, SPARC, and Alpha boxes, but most of them run their “default” operating system (Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux for Itanium, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, HP Tru64 respectively).

    I’m not a big i386 fan, but who can afford anything else for personal use?

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    Subject: Other cheap platforms..
    Author: Integral
    Date: Saturday, 2003/01/25 – 14:50
    I’ve been eyeing some used PowerPC (Macintosh) systems for a while, soley for the purpose of seeing if I can get Debian set up on them. The price on them (at a university surplus store) is pretty decent.


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    Subject: Auctions
    Author: nivex
    Date: Friday, 2003/01/24 – 14:34
    > I’m not a big i386 fan, but who can afford anything else for personal use?

    The local university has surplus auctions about twice a year. A few of us have been getting together and buying up the decent chunk of SPARC hardware they have been selling off. I got a SparcStation 5 and 10 as well as a SparcServer 20 out of the deal, all for about $30. Of course, none of them had hard drives. On the same palette was also a PPC machine, but a rather slow one (80MHz I think).

    The server that runs my domain is a SparcStation 20 that I won at a raffle (running Debian of course :).

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: as many as possible…
    Author: noahm
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/21 – 05:38
    Let’s see… PPC, x86, alpha, sparc, mips. I’ve got Linux on an iPaq, too, though I’m running Familiar instead of Debian. I don’t have the necessary additional storage space to install Debian.

    I have to say that one really appreciates Debian after running it on several other architectures. In all honesty, while NetBSD (which I run as well) can boot on more platforms (though they define “platform” differently than us) than Debian, the Debian experience is much more consistant across platforms. I’ve had no trouble getting Debian to work on platforms that the NetBSD kernel couldn’t handle at all.

    Unfortunately, the wide ranging hardware support in Debian is a double-edged sword, as it is in NetBSD. While it allows the system to be run on virtually any computer you’ll ever get your hands on, it is a significant factor in the slow release process. Getting a release prepared for just one or two platforms is a lot of work… When you consider the fact that upstream development is at very different stages of development for various different platforms, it’s really tricky to find a point when all code is in a releasable state for all platforms. I honestly wonder how many we can realistically expect to support.


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    Subject: architectures aren’t really the problem with release delays
    Author: Joy
    Date: Friday, 2003/01/24 – 18:59
    I don’t believe the number of architectures is a primary factor why the releases happen slowly. For example, the woody version of joe happens to be entirely broken on MIPS, yet that bug didn’t impede the release of neither the package nor the distribution as a whole.

    (Of course, I should get off my ass and build a new package for r2… can anyone spare a round tuit?)

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: m68k
    Author: DanielS
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/21 – 02:26
    Who the hell voted for m68k? I only put that as a joke option!

    The result of the poll was always a foregone conclusion; the only interesting part was the third that had a mix.

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: a mix
    Author: xtifr
    Date: Friday, 2003/01/31 – 23:23
    the only interesting part was the third that had a mix.

    Well, it said, “what platforms do you run on”, not “what platforms do you run Debian on”, so it was pretty easy for me to choose “mix”, as I’ve run software on SunOS, Solaris, HPuchs, and various others (through work mostly, but that didn’t seem relevent). Not to mention 8080/z80/6502/8088/286 boxes I used back-in-the-day.

    Of course, if it had said “run Debian”, I think I still could have gotten away with choosing “mix”, as I once ran a program on a Debian sparc box at a trade show, and I’ve logged into some of Debian’s alpha boxes to hunt down alpha-specific bugs in my packages once or twice. 🙂

    I was strongly motivated to avoid the “i386 only” choice because of the offensive comment following. I’m not stupid, I know what else there is, even if I do mostly use i386. 🙂

    Oh, and it’s just a guess, but I bet that PPC would have gotten more votes if it said, “mostly PPC, maybe some x86 on occasion”. I know several people who use PPC laptop and x86/Linux desktop, or who use PPC desktop/laptop, but have a cheap x86 firewall and/or server on their LAN.

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: m68k
    Author: noahm
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/21 – 05:42
    Obviously the people who ported Debian to m68k are running it there. What makes you think they don’t vote in your polls?


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    Subject: Clue?
    Author: DanielS
    Date: Thursday, 2003/01/30 – 23:20
    I thought they were smarter than that. 😉
    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: i386/i686 for me. Recompiled
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/20 – 04:56
    i386/i686 for me. Recompiled the heavier parts of the system for i686. Running an Athon XP1800+ and these are also dirt cheap.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Not that cheap
    Author: DanielS
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/21 – 02:25
    After scraping a bit off the core of my AthlonXP 2100, apparently while putting the heatsink on, I now have a $AU200 keyring. Money I don’t really have to spare, which means that a) I won’t be able to buy the new chair we kinda need, but can do with out, and b) I won’t be able to go to the Big Day Out, which I’ve been looking forward to for months. 🙁 I’m making do with my rip of most of the Foo Fighters CDs, but it’s just not quite the same. Expensive lesson.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: There seems to be a good line
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Wednesday, 2003/01/22 – 09:32
    There seems to be a good line up this year. I know the Auckland BDO will pack a few people in. 🙂
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Got there in the end
    Author: DanielS
    Date: Thursday, 2003/01/30 – 23:20
    Thanks to a mate, I eventually got there; Kraftwerk, the Foos, QotSA, Mark Dynamix, Kid Kenobi, Underworld, Machine Gun Fellatio, Bexta, Pacifier, Frenzal, etc … everyone went off; seemingly, everyone except The Vines, who sucked.

    🙂 d

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: My setup
    Author: DanielS
    Date: Sunday, 2003/01/19 – 08:42
    An i386 (AthlonXP 2100) at home – they’re cheap. At work, I have a dual G4 on my desk, as well as a Dell Optiplex. The G4 is my workstation and most X work gets done on there, merely because it’s so damn fast. The Optiplex is used to do i386 testing of XFree86 4.3 – the i845g chipset in there is the sole reason why I’m doing the packages (well, the fact my PowerMac has a GeForce4 in there was also a factor …). I SSH into a few other i386 machines, and very occasionally, an iBook wanders on to my desk.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: About the iBook
    Author: Jordi Bunster
    Date: Thursday, 2003/01/23 – 20:47
    I just bought one, it has not arrived yet. I’m curious, Does DRI work? What about the external monitor? Can you (at least) set it to mirror?

    Does one really needs BenH’s kernel, or Debian’s stock one suffices?

    What about battery life under Linux? Does it go to the 6 hours Apple advertises?

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: About the iBook
    Author: MrCooper
    Date: Wednesday, 2003/02/12 – 16:18
    DRI works on PPC with ATI graphics chips, for Radeons see http://penguinppc.org/~daniels/README or http://dri.sourceforge.net/snapshots/README.Debian.

    People have gotten the external monitor working with Radeons as well, that may require some tweaking though.

    I doubt Debian kernels handle recent Apple hardware well, benh’s rsync tree is ‘frozen’ no so no worries about experimental stuff.

    I wouldn’t expect 6 hours battery life with an iBook, but AFAIK people do get up to 5 hours.

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