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    When will there be a debian-non-crazy
    Submitted by Anonymous on Monday, July 01, 2002 – 15:41
    DebianThere should be a debian-non-crazy section in the style of debian-non-US which can hold all good software like lame, which is blocked by some big companies in some countries. Also this cold hold all the cryptographic stuff which also cannot distributed in fr. (non-FR, non-US, …)
    Category: Opinion

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    Subject: There is a need for debian-outlawed-xx
    Author: meldroc
    Date: Saturday, 2002/07/06 – 18:52
    This would be useful for those of us who think some of the laws of our particular countries are unconstitutional, unjust or just plain wrong. We would have debian-outlawed-us for things like mame, MP3 encoders, a version of konqueror that has mp3 encoding support included, DVD CCS descramblers, etc. that are banned in the US, but should still be available if only to piss the government off. Similarly, have debian-outlawed-fr for things that are illegal in France (such as encryption programs), debian-outlawed-zh for things illegal in China (such as encryption programs, programs designed to help people circumvent the Great Firewall of China so they can surf to CNN’s web site, stuff that says “FREE TIBET!!!”)

    Of course, the servers keeping debian-outlawed-xx should be located in a place outside the legal reach of country xx, in the interests of self-preservation. Measures should also be taken to circumvent said country’s attempts to block or censor connections to said servers – make their censors play Whack-A-Mole.

    Oh, and this should be strictly unofficial, and not endorsed by the Debian Project (openly.) We don’t want the Debian crew getting busted for something done on the other side of the planet.

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