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    Why do you use Debian?
    Submitted by tmp123 on Monday, March 22, 2004 – 20:52

    44% (252 votes)
    *stable* release
    7% (41 votes)
    free philosophy
    24% (137 votes)
    so many people use it, it must be good
    3% (15 votes)
    5% (30 votes)
    it’s professionally put together
    14% (81 votes)
    other (discuss below)
    3% (16 votes)

    Total votes: 572

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    Subject: apt
    Author: benh
    Date: Saturday, 2004/04/03 – 00:11
    Apt in and of itself certainly does not seem to be what makes Debian great. Though apt does offer some pretty nice advanced features, the vast majority of users either do not known of them or choose not to take advantage of them. Apt, as used by most, is simply a dependency solving packager front-end. Apt especially does not seem like a good reasno to use Debian as its available for most popular RPM-based distros as well. IMHO, Debian’s vast package repository is what makes it great. Additionally, that they break out so many different packages for things that other distros package together is quite nice.
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    Subject: Almost all of the above
    Author: josh
    Date: Saturday, 2004/03/27 – 20:42
    I voted “free philosophy”, but that is just the strongest reason. Almost all of the given reasons apply:

    • apt-get (more specifically aptitude)
    • *stable* release (I use stable with a few self-made backports, and an unstable chroot)
    • free philosophy (the DFSG and Social Contract, and the corresponding separation into main, contrib, and non-free, so that all I need to do in order to use Free Software exclusively is only install packages from main)
    • community (amazing support, friendly to contributors, open processes)
    • professionally put together (better than most “commercial” distributions)
    • other (Debian Policy to ensure package consistency, number of packages available, innovative new features (alternatives, debian-installer))

    To all the Debian Developers and contributors, thanks for a wonderful distribution!

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    Subject: Maybe because of all the dist
    Author: hokanomono
    Date: Friday, 2004/03/26 – 10:32
    Maybe because of all the distros that i have tried it’s the distro which’s concept is most unlike windows; or maybe just all of the above choices together, which adds up for about the same: it’s unlike windows.

    Update: here comes the real real reason: Who else cares about the special software needs of Alpha-Centarians? It’s not only about open source, but about open mind!

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    Subject: Reliability
    Author: apolinsky
    Date: Friday, 2004/03/26 – 03:18
    I have found Debian to be more reliable than many of the other distributions. I have used Redhat 5.2 – 9.0, and early versions of slackware (2.5 and 2.6). With Redhat, I was constantly having difficulty with one of my machines under Redhat 8.0 and 9.0. My older redhat based boxes, (7.1 and 7.2) seem to be fairly stable. When I installed debian on the problematic box, the computer suddenly became reliable.


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    Subject: for aptitude
    apt-get is alre
    Author: Piksou
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/03/24 – 21:43
    for aptitude
    apt-get is already great but ther are still some good equivaent or some ports.
    but the dpkg-system used in conjunction with aptitude, i love it so much !
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    Subject: WhyDebian?
    Author: edcrypt
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/03/23 – 17:57
    apt-get, free philosophy, community…
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    Subject: Multiples
    Author: adamyoung
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/03/23 – 19:27
    The Radio button poll thing is kind of wrong. I mean, I guess if they were lokoing for the most important reason…but even apt-get (#1 as of this posting) is based on the answers to the others. I mean there is a difference between

    “Free as in Beer”,
    “Free as in Speech”, and
    “Free as in Free Hunnerd Quid, Govnah.”

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    Subject: I use Debian, because…
    Author: algernon
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/03/23 – 10:19
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    Subject: Other…
    Author: gevaerts
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/03/23 – 09:27
    Because it supports most of my hardware
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