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    Why we appear to run RedHat
    Submitted by robster on Saturday, February 17, 2001 – 23:55
    Some nosy people noticed (took you a while though) that this webserver doesn’t actually run on Debian (and not RedHat but Definite Linux). This is because we have free hosting on a vhost at uklinux.net.You can’t complain about anything free, can you 🙂

    The future is bright: the future is a colocated Debian box: Debian Planet II, the all singin’ all dancin’ new site, will be on its own seperate box running Debian; until then dont complain….

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    Subject: Re: Why we appear to run RedHat
    Author: jondkent
    Date: Monday, 2001/02/19 – 09:36
    I could case less than you don’t run Debian. So long as its Linux I’m a happy bunny, lets not start a distro war, its completely pointless and counter productive
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    Subject: Re: Why we appear to run RedHat
    Author: ringerc
    Date: Monday, 2002/06/24 – 07:09
    It would, in fact, almost be funny to run IIS, just to watch MS squirm.

    Honestly, who cares what a site runs. Most of the time its interesting but not an issue. Now, if the site were a company’s “Use Debian Web Servers” site running on RedHat, that’s different as its showing unwillingness to take their own advice. Its somewhat shadier in the case of a non-wwwserver-focused news and forum site run not-for-profit by volunteers 🙂

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    Subject: Re: Why we appear to run RedHat
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Wednesday, 2001/02/28 – 07:06
    well i think the concern here is that if the website called debianPlanet isn’t running debian, who the hell is? well, me and thousands of others, but it’s kind of strange nonetheless. good idea to explain it.
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    Subject: Re: Why we appear to run RedHat
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Monday, 2001/02/19 – 08:04
    Why not host it on master.debian.org or something like that?
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