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    Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective
    Submitted by robster on Saturday, July 27, 2002 – 09:39
    Sarge“The battle’s done, and we kinda won,
    So we sound our victory cheer:
    Where do we go from here?”

    Anthony “aj” Towns has posted this message to the debian-project mailing list (non-technical discussions) about where we’ve been (Woody’s testing) and where we’re going (Sarge’s testing). The innards of the Woody release cycle are picked apart and scavenged from; the juicy succulent bits are kept, the gristle is left as a reminder. He further goes on to discuss what he would like to see from Sarge’s testing including regular CD builds using jigdo, debian-installer and fun with multiple architectures. Aj suggests that: The way I would like to see sarge run is basically to get it to “roughly” releasable status ASAP then keep it there.

    Category: News

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    Subject: Tell me about it!
    Author: glenalec
    Date: Saturday, 2002/07/27 – 18:05
    I’m connected through a 28.8k modem (which is all this line will support anyway).

    I managed to learn XHTML1.0 and convert half my homepages to W3C compliance while waiting!

    Luckily today and tomorow is weekend connection rates. It’s the X fonts that are the killers! But it’s only once in a while, so I won’t complain.

    Glenn Alexander – the man with no surname and a silly hat.

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    Subject: right there with ya
    Author: undefined
    Date: Sunday, 2002/07/28 – 03:28
    amen, brother. i’m right there with ya. 28.8 on a good day, usually just 26.4. tracking testing (now sarge), and the mirrors at http.us.debian.org were just updated around thu (or at least early fri morning is when my script noticed it).

    i have a script (see below as i have been asked for it before, and don’t have a website from which to distribute it from) which gets started from a cron job every morning at 2am. the last two mornings i’ve awoken at 5 and 6am to the script still grabbing debs. this was somewhat surprising as testing has been nearly dormant (except for a few security/bug-fix updates) for a few months now (but still expected since woody was released and a new testing would begin accepting updates from unstable/sid any day now). i’ve had to kill the cron job both mornings as i couldn’t tie up the phone all morning/day, but suspect that one more night should do it. (from the output of

    apt-get -qq –force-yes –print-uris –ignore-hold dist-upgrade | grep -v “^’file:/” | awk ‘{print $2 ” ” $3; total=total+$3} END {print total}’

    i still have 22 MB left to download, which at 2.75 kB/s, my average download speed at that time of the morning, should only take me another ~2 hours. in that command i disclude file:/ because those are packages that i’ve already mirrored/downloaded into my local mirror/repository, but not installed.)

    my “apt-get dist-upgrade” mirror script (okay, not the whole thing, but the essential part):
    apt-get -qq –force-yes –print-uris –ignore-hold dist-upgrade | awk ‘{print $1}’ | tr -d ‘ | grep “^(ftp|http)://” | while read FILE; do wget -mv $FILE; done

    then i do a “dpkg-scanpackages” on the repository and finally do an “apt-get update” to read-in/process the newly-created Packages file.

    as you can see, i find “apt-get” (and it’s output) invaluable and central to the above scripts, so hopefully the above commands can help somebody else. i know they would have helped me when i first started with debian.

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