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    Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective
    Submitted by robster on Saturday, July 27, 2002 – 09:39
    Sarge“The battle’s done, and we kinda won,
    So we sound our victory cheer:
    Where do we go from here?”

    Anthony “aj” Towns has posted this message to the debian-project mailing list (non-technical discussions) about where we’ve been (Woody’s testing) and where we’re going (Sarge’s testing). The innards of the Woody release cycle are picked apart and scavenged from; the juicy succulent bits are kept, the gristle is left as a reminder. He further goes on to discuss what he would like to see from Sarge’s testing including regular CD builds using jigdo, debian-installer and fun with multiple architectures. Aj suggests that: The way I would like to see sarge run is basically to get it to “roughly” releasable status ASAP then keep it there.

    Category: News

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    Subject: A Silly Question
    Author: rustskull
    Date: Monday, 2002/08/12 – 19:30
    I am curious. With the way the debian organization has built and improved itself so far, it seems to me that it would at some point be able to develop some sort of quarterly/semi-annual release structure for the OS itself (ie; install debian once, update forever). I won’t elaborate any of my ideas, as people more intimate with the system would better know how to transition to and what structure would be most efficient…

    The point of my comment is that I hear many management structures and modifications to current systems being proposed or suggested, but this still puts anything releaseable in a fully tested form at least a year out, if not more.

    This seems like it would break the assaults on the pools that ensue every time a release is hinted at, with it only being worse the longer a “stable” distribution is taking to be released. It must have been *very* uncomfortable at times dealing with the last release… At least with a quartely (or semi-annual) update, people would know that the longest that a good package delivered just after the last release would have to wait to get into the next release would be 3-6 months, instead of a year or more.

    CMIIW, but the only things in the current release updates are bug fixes and patches, right? Everything else just sits in testing until the next release.

    I run potato (buring my woody disks today, don’t ask ;-), but I’ve heard people debate over just which is more stable, testing or sid…which brings up a set of interesting arguments, in and of itself.

    Anyhow, I’m sure that this has been suggested before, but I’m curious what the arguments would be as opposed to the current system. It sounds like this is a hot topic for discussion at times. I’ve already read the history of the pools…


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