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    XFree86 4.3.0 Enters unstable
    Submitted by DanielS on Friday, February 20, 2004 – 17:16
    X Window SystemXFree86 4.3.0-2 has entered unstable – the first release of 4.3 to sid. The following people deserve thanks: Branden Robinson (maintainer), Trinity College for sponsoring Daniel Stone for the bulk of the work, ISHIKAWA Mutsumi, Nathaniel Nerode, and others. Enjoy 4.3.
    Category: News

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    Subject: DRI problem in 4.3.0-2
    Author: Overfiend
    Date: Friday, 2004/02/20 – 19:30
    My understanding is that one can downgrade xlibmesa-dri to the one in experimental and DRI will then work. Is getting DRI working in sid as simple as moving that package over to sid? Or are there bigger issues that will take a while to solve?

    I’m writing this in a hurry so I cannot produce any URLs to the debian-x list archive, but, here’s basically what happened:

    1. Pentium 4 user complains that DRI doesn’t work because Mesa tries to get his processor to use 3DNow! opcodes, which are AMD-specific.
    2. I am directed to a patch from Mesa 5.1 that rewrites the CPU detection code for x86s and claims to fix the bug.
    3. I apply the patch, but I cannot test it because I only have easy access to PowerPC and SPARC boxen.
    4. A couple of people on debian-x tell me the fix works.
    5. I smile in satisfaction and move on to other things.
    6. I release 4.3.0-2.
    7. Turns out the patch didn’t work after all. I don’t know yet whether it is only broken on some x86 models, or all of them.
    8. Aurelien Jarno sends me what was apparently a missing hunk of the original patch (from Mesa CVS), and I’m going to apply it.

    Next up:

    1. I apply the patch.
    2. I call x86 users on the list nasty names for lying to me. Er, that is, I insist that some x86 people build the SVN trunk for themselves and test it. Really test it this time.
    3. If it still doesn’t work, I revert the original and supplemental patch.
    4. If it does work, the supplementary patch goes into the next release.

    And now you know the rest of the story.

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    Subject: more info
    Author: undefined
    Date: Friday, 2004/02/20 – 20:38
    thanks for the explanation branden (and for your hard work, along with daniel and everyone else). as i have the time you didn’t:

    here’s the patch.

    here’s the bug report thread in bugs.d.o.

    according to the original email by aurelien: “/Please-find-attached-the-patch-to-be-put-in-debian/patches/index.html”. of course, this is only relevant for those like myself that will rebuild the xfree86 source package (like i built it last night for sarge). otherwise just wait and you’ll probably have the official update packages shortly.

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